Milda Lembertaitė (Klaipėda, Lithuania) and Amelia Prazak (Vira Gambarogno, Switzerland)     



                          Academic Qualifications


2013– 2014            MA Fine Art (Merit), UAL Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, UK

2008- 2011             BA Performance Design and Practice (First Class Honours), Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London UK



                          Solo Exhibitions


2019                       Hamza- Exodus To The Underground, Salon 61, ABA, Berlin, Germany

2017                       Punsulis, 1 Carriage Way, Platform 2017, Deptford X, London, UK 

                               I Am The Grass Beneath My FeetChalton Gallery, London, UK

2016                       Why Are Carrots Orange?, Hotel Maria Kapel, Curated by Irene de Craen, Hoorn, Netherlands *

2015                       Anthias, Hotel Pullman London St. Pancras, London, UK
2011                       Warped Ingredient, South Window Gallery, Charing Cross Rd, London, UK.

                               Tea, The People’s Supermarket, Lamb’s Conduit St., London, UK



                            Group Exhibitions/ Video Performances


2020                       On Becoming Fully Grown, Last Tango, Presented by Progetto 6000, Zurich, Switzerland 

2019                       VOLUMES, Kunsthalle, Presented by Progetto 6000, Zurich, Switzerland

                               Can You Feel It?, Last Tango, Curated by Linda Jensen & Arianna Gellini, Zurich, Switzerland

                               The Day Of The Dead, British Library, Presented by Chalton Gallery, London, UK

                               TATE Staff Bienalle, Tate Modern, Tate Exchange, London, UK

                               Kunstraum Bacchanal, Kunstraum, Curated by Thomas Cuckle & Hannah Conroy, London, UK

                               Daydreamers, Curated by Elisa Rusca & Stephen Kent,, Berlin, Germany

                               Swiss Art Awards 2019, Halle 4, Art Basel

                               Art Night 2019, Presented by Chalton Gallery, London, UK

                               RA Lates: Transcendence, My Night of Unlimited Favour, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK

2018                   The Building Site, The London Festival Of Architecture, St. Paul's Churchyard, Designed by Landscape Architect Simona Sigita Paplauskaite, London, UK

                               Danser Sous La Pluie, Espace Libre, Bienne, Switzerland

                               Temporary Realities, Karen Huber Gallery, Presented by Chalton Projects, Mexico City, Mexico

                               Coming to Terms with Sociotechnical Discrepancies, 12 Star Gallery, Curated by Milda Batkytė, London, UK 

2017                       Tarzan Versus IBM, Mimosa House, Presented by Justė Kostikovaitė​, London, UK

                               The Window Was Left Open Though The Door Was Shut, Curated by Elaine Tam & Lily Brooke, 3 Ada Road, London, UK

                               Dausuva, Initiator Justė Kostikovaitė, Curated by Monika Lipšic and Morta Griškevičiūtė, The National Martynas Mažvydas Library of Lithuania, Vilnius, Lithuania

                             I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream For Ice Cream, Fondazione Baruchello, Curated by Clelia Colantonio, Rome, Italy

                               5 Proposals, HGB Gallery, Leipzig, Germany

2016                     X, The Sonnenstube, Currated by Schwartzwandallee, Lugano, Switzerland 

                               Perímetro: Cine Expandido, Centro de Cultura Digital, Mexico City, Mexico 

                               Esto Es Ahora, Morton Subastas, Mexico City, Mexico
                               Chelsea Alumni Summer Show, Punctum, London, UK

                               Happy Birthday, Chalton Gallery, London, UK

                               I don't wanna curate anymore, I just wanna accumulate content, Chalton Gallery, Curated by Angels MiraldaTena, London, UK

                               Rahmen des FESTIVAL, Schwarzwaldallee, Basel, Switzerland 

                                Che c’è di nuovo?, The Dienstgebäude, Curated by Elio Schenini, Zurich, Switzerland *

                               Che c’è di nuovo?,  MASI Museo d'arte della Svizzera Italiana, Curated by Elio Schenini, Lugano, Switzerland *
2015                       Fictions Are Realities To Come, Zabludowicz Collections, Curated by Kelly Large, London, UK

                               Dark Matter, CENC La Reliure, Geneva, Switzerland 

                               Gusta La Strecia, Vira Gambarogno, Switzerland

                               The Annual CGP Open Exhibition, CGP, London, UK 

                               Pool, CGPCurated by Judith Carlton, CGP, London, UK 

                            Carnivalism. Deep Trash Italia, Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, London, UK

                               Was Life Created?, Online exhibition, Reception Galery, Curated by Jade Hanks, London, UK 

                               Space Station 51, Curated by Angels Diaz Miralda Tena, Area 51, London, UK                   

2014                       Frosted and Defrosted, Curated by Taylor Le Melle, 44 Albion Street, London, UK *  

                               Parlour,  Lumiere, Curated by Sadie Murdoch, London, UK

                               Postgraduate Summer Show, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK *  

                               Bridge to Nowhere, Lucky Dip, Burgess Park, Camberwell, London, UK

                               Interim Show, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK

2013                       Chroma,The House of Peroni, Portland Place, Mogees technology by  Buno Zamborlin, London, UK

                               DE/TOURS, Curated by Charlie Fox, CGP Gallery, The Southwark Park, London, UK*  

                               The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side, Accidental Festival, Roundhouse, London, UK 

                               Loopart13, Faircharm Creekside, Deptford, London, UK

                               Commonplaces, The Cut, Hackney Wick, London, UK

2012                       Celeste Prize, Centrale Montemartini, Rome, Italy *  

                               Art In Post Public Space, Tsarino, Bulgaria

                               Casablanca, V&A Late Friday for Refugee Week, Celebrating Sanctuary & Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK

                               Salon Flux Open House, Gillett Square, London, UK

                               Rodin Reflections, Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London, UK

2011                       Cross Over, Curated by Lisa Panting, Lethaby Gallery, The Granary, London, UK

                               Prague Quadriennal of Performance Design and Space, Student UK exhibits, Prague, Czech Republic

                               Warped Ingredient Part II, Scenofest ’Street stories’, Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, Jungmannovo Square, Prague, Czech Republ

                               Undergraduate Degree Show, Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, London, UK *  


                               *with catalogue



                          Set and Costume Design


2017                       $ELFIE$, Choreographed by Malik Nashad Sharpe, Produced by Gulia Casalini, Premiere at Fierce Festival 2017 at ACE, Birmingham, UK/ 2018 Montreal Interculturelles et Arts, 

                               Montreal, Canada

2016                       My Night Of Unlimited Favour, Party in collaboration with Gaia Fugazza, Haroon Mirza and PolyKiks, London, UK


2015                      10,000 Litres, Choreographed by Evangelia Kolyra, Produced by Xavier de Sousa. Rich Mix, The Place, London, UK/ Yorkshire Dance , Leeds, UK/                                                                                   Dance City, Newcastle, UK/ Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece/ Kalamata Dance Festival, Greece/ Sophiensaele, Berlin, Germany

                               Telephone Arabes, Choreographed by Nuria Prazak, Fribourg, Switzerland

                               Four Seasons, Teatro di Locarno, Locarno, Switzerland

2012                       Cabaret Voltaire, Needless Alley, George Tavern, London, UK

                               Rudens, Teatro di Locarno, Locarno, Switzerland

2011                       The Seventh Day Respite, Written by Iian Landles, Directed by Peter Bond, The White Bear Theatre, London, UK

                               Closure: Contained In 5 Fragments, Cochrane Theatre, London, UK



                              Workshops/ Conferences


2020                      Operation Decameron's,, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

2019                      Art for the Environment: Creative Practice In The Amazon, Rootstein Hopkins Space, LCF, London, UK

2018                      ABA- LAB Air, Artists In Research Berlin Alexanderplatz, Berlin Germany

                              About Vitality Of Cultural Hybridization, Curated by Francesca Ulivi, Liceo Artistico Preziossimo Sangue, Monza, Italy

2017                      Family Weekend, Curated by Alex Thorp, Serpentine Gallery, London, UK

                              5 Proposals, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany

                              Interfaces Monthly 022017: Performance & Participation, Curated by Elaine Tam, Organised by the Barbican and The Trampery, London, UK

2016                      Project Visible, TATE Modern, London, UK

                              WANT, Produced by Xavier de Sousa, Brixton Library, London, UK

                              Performative Dinner: Process History. Digest Carrots, Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn, Holland





2019                       DANCE 4 iC4C, B-ee-p development, Choreographer Evangelia Kolyra, Nottingham, UK

2018- 2019             Air Berlin Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany. Supported by Pro Helvetia

2018                       LabVerde, Art/ Nature/ Science ProgramThe Amazon, Brazil. Supported by Lithuanian Culture Institute, Arts Council England

2016                       Chalton Projects, Casa Rosa, Mexico City and Oaxaca, Mexico. Supported by AMEXID, Arts Council England

                               Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn, Netherlands. Supported by Mondrian Funds, The Municipality of Hoorn, The Pauwhof Fond

2015                       TATE Modern and TATE Britain, Artists-in Residence/ Schools Workshops 2015/ 2016, Curated by Amy McKelvie and Sarah Carne, Assistant Curator- Sarah Jarvis, London, UK

2013                       Critical Tourism, Nida Art Colony, Nida, Lithuania. Supported by Arts Council England and Pro Helvetia

                               DeCentreDer Space: In An Other Capital of Culture, Marseille, France

2012                       Art in Post Public Space, Tsarino Art Residency, Bulgaria





2019                       LabVerde #5, Manaus, Brasil

2016                       SUPER EDITION #5, Vienna, Austria

                               PLAY GROUND 4, TATE, UK

                               Che c’è di nuovo?, MASI, Lugano, Switzerland

2015                       The Catlin Guide 2015 | New Artists in the UK, edited and curated by Justin Hammond, London, UK


                      London, UK

2014                       Expanded, ATPDiary Milan, Italy

                               MAstars, AxisWeb, review by Paul Luckraft London, UK

                               NAC Log No. 5 On Critical Tourism, Nida Art Colony Magazine, Nida, Lithuania

2013                       Lost and Found, Paperwork Magazine, Issue 1, London, UK